May 30 2013

Oh my God We’re in California!


We're in California

We’re excited to make our first trip out to the west coast to do a show in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale now!

Saturday, June 15

Hotel Café
1623 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

If you buy your ticket in advance, forward your confirmation email to and we’ll send you a free download code of our album “We are Enablers”.


Jan 30 2013

Another Show


It’s about damn time we got the band back together.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 9 at Martyrs’.

It’s our way of making 2013 awesome for y’all.

Jan 30 2013

Hipster Megazostradon



I think it’s about time we finished up our hipster extinct animal series…



Hipster Megazostradon decided to go extinct because being a mammal became too mainstream.

May 15 2012

A new music video is live!


Our third music video is now live, this one’s for “All Right to be Alright.” Once again a huge thanks to Joe Filipas and for planning, shooting and editing the videos for us! This was a fun one to do, and we have one more video coming soon so keep checking back for more!

May 2 2012

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Me vs Pop Culture


The entire band has been pretty busy of late, so apologies for not having more updates recently.  I’ll try to get around to posting more often, but this post might also serve as an indication of why I haven’t been posting more.

Recently I’ve been flying out to Northwest Arkansas every week for my day job.  In this day and age where technology rules our lives, you’d think that I’d be able to stay connected and keep up to date no matter where I am.  For some reason, though, Arkansas seems to be a black hole of culture.  As such, I’ve been sorely out of touch with anything not related to corn fields, cowboy hats and intolerance.

So today my friend asks me if I’ve seen the “Kate Upton cat daddy video.”  Obviously I have not, and wondered to myself why British royalty was making a video about feline ancestry.  I googled the video and found that it had been pulled from YouTube for being too risque.  Further intrigued, I found another version of the out on the interwebs.  If you haven’t seen it, let’s just say I was a little more than mistaken about the content.  The video was somewhat… bouncier… and had less royalty than I was expecting.

If you’re looking for a video of Kate Middleton, who is most certainly not Kate Upton, here’s a video of her wedding dress zomgbestweddingevar



However if for some reason you want to see the Kate Upton video, here ya go:



As always, if YOU have a mediocre fight you’d like to see contact us any way your little heart desires.  Leave a comment here, tweet us @MediocreFight, find us on Facebook, shoot us an e-mail at The Mediocre Fight, or … actually let me get back to you on that.  I’m going to go do some more research on this video.


Feb 13 2012

Some photos from the last show


Huge thanks to Josh Roeda for taking some photos of our last show – they turned out awesome!  You should definitely check out his video work too, you can find it here:











Feb 8 2012

The music videos are up!


Well it looks like all of our hard work a few weekends ago has paid off, with the first two of four music videos going live today!  HUGE thanks to Joe Filipas of Sugo Media for coming down from Minneapolis to shoot the videos, and then spending the extra time to edit them and make em all purdy.  With further ado, I’m very excited to present the music videos for “Kind Eyes” and “Girl Who Steals!”




Stay tuned for when we announce the next two videos that will be coming out!


Feb 7 2012

Local Anesthetic


Howdy folks,

I know most of you were probably busy on Sunday evening watching some big event on the television where muscular men tossed around leathery, over-inflated thing–but enough about the Madonna half-time show. ZING!

Sunday night, while you were stuffing your face with wings and beer, our tune The Circus was featured on WXRT’s Local Anesthetic. You can check out the whole episode on at WXRT’s website. We’re on at about the 10 minute mark.

Our first airplay, and hopefully won’t be our last!

Feb 1 2012

Video Teasers


Thanks to our awesome friend Joe Filipas of Sugo Media, two weekends ago we spent a long, arduous, and slightly drunken day filming four music videos to promote our album We are Enablers (available on iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp). We’re proud to announce that the first two videos will be premiering next Wednesday.

Here’s a little taste of what’s in store:

Girl Who Steals:

Kind Eyes:

Also, if you’re in Chicago, make sure to join us this Friday at Martyrs’ for what will likely be our last show in Chicago for a while!


Jan 18 2012

Hipster Homo Erectus


Hipster Homo Erectus’s jeans are so skinny you can’t even see them.