Mediocre Fight of the Day: Puppy Vs Its Reflection

The Mediocre Fight

I almost don’t want to post today’s Mediocre Fight.  It’s disgusting, raunchy, vile and I dare say anyone who sees it will want to immediately start….. What’s that?  Oh, we’re doing Puppies today?  Nevermind then….

Here’s a Puppy vs Its Reflection.

Puppy versus Its Reflection

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Feb 10 2011

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4 Responses to “Mediocre Fight of the Day: Puppy Vs Its Reflection”

  • Dan Says:

    Not gonna lie — that dog looks familiar…

  • The Mediocre Fight Says:

    Your dog is named Penny. This dog is named Lenny. Clearly these are different dogs.

  • Jason Says:

    The Mediocre Prose:

    The dog walked into the room. It was a large room with toys strewn about. It was a child’s room. He approached the closed closet door. He saw his enemy looking back at him like a reflection in a calm pond. He snarled. The enemy snarled back. He was a small Pomeranian with brown and white hair. He had a white patch of hair on his forehead in the shape of an inverted triangle. The other puppies at the kennel used to make fun of him for it, saying it made him look fifty, in dog years.

    There were two stick figures drawn in Billy’s mom’s lipstick higher up on the window. They both had smiley faces. One had long hair and a triangle below the abdomen indicating it was a female stick figure.

    Lenny crouched down, staring into the eyes of his interlocutor. He barked. The phantasm on the other side of the glass barked back, but quieter, the way an echo sounds off of a wall two feet in front of you. Lenny saw his adversary’s tail stand on end. He realized his own tail was standing on end as well. This assassin was cunning, like a bloodhound, Lenny thought to himself wolfishly.

    He charged. The assailant charged as well. Their heads met, forehead to forehead, mano a mano, like two goats butting heads for the affection of a female. Both dogs fell to the floor whimpering like felines scorned.

    Billy came in and saw his best friend laying on the floor and began to cry like an eight year old boy. In reality Billy was nine. The battle was a draw.

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