Mediocre Fight of the Day: Snails Riding Turtles

The Mediocre Fight

It was an unholy alliance born out of greed and a need… a need for speed.  The slimy mashup of shelled demons can reach speeds of up to 1 miles per hour and have been known to strip the leaves off of the surrounding trees from their slipstream.  Watching these intense races is both exciting and terrifying, but your courage will be rewarded at the end when you get to dine on the delicious remains of the losers.

Also, if you’re thinking I got lazy today and just re-used the pictures from the last two days, you’d be wrong. I actually re-drew these from scratch using nothing but a paperclip and the blood from a mystical yak.  We don’t cut corners here at The Mediocre Fight.  Actually wait a second… that’s exactly what we do.  Wouldn’t be very mediocre if we tried hard.

Sails Riding Turtles vs Snails Riding Turtles

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Feb 17, 2011

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