Some Mediocre Photos from the Studio

The Mediocre Fight

Yes, despite the fact that at this point we have little-to-no music related content, we actually are an indie rock band, and we do get together to write songs and play each week.  We don’t actually have any pictures of us playing at the studio right now because we’re usually busier, you know, like playing music and stuff.  But here are a couple of shots from the entrance.  Sometimes we meet famous people here, because we’re all about hobnobbing with celebrities.  Very, very exciting stuff.

3/4 of The Mediocre Fight

First off, the most famous people of all – us.  At least we hope we’re somewhat important to you if you’re reading this blog right now.  From left-to-right that’s me (Paul), Jason and Trevor.  Not pictured is Adam because he was still recovering from his narwhal injury at the time of the photo.  Jason and I are practicing our deadly laser eyes, while Trevor is just standing around, nonchalantly looking sexy as usual.


That's Michael Cera!

You'll have to take our word that that's Michael Cera

This next photo is the first time I found out Michael Cera was actually in a band.  We were hanging out outside the doors, and a couple of guys come up and ask “Is this the Music Garage?”  Being the helpful gentlemen we are, we confirmed this for them and used our super-secret door code to let them inside.  As they’re walking past, I immediately realize that it’s Michael Cera  (I had just watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World the night before) while the other guys are like “Weird, that looks like that guy.”  I quickly try to snap a picture, but thanks to the beer in my hand and the passlock on my iPhone I don’t get it until they’re already inside.  So, that blurry green jacket in the background of this photo is Michael Cera, and you’ll have to take my word for that.  Also cool, since this was Mister Heavenly we met the drummer for Modest Mouse (Joe Plummer).


Last photo for today is probably just as interesting as the photo I shot of Mister Heavenly – the gear for the Plain White T’s.  Not sure if we actually saw them while we were in there because honestly I have no idea what the guys look like, but again that’s kind of cool to me that legitimate musicians are practicing in the same space we are.  Not to say we aren’t legitimate.  Well we may not be legitimate but we’re certainly not illegitimate.  Okay well Adam is but that’s kind of a different story.  Hey, has anyone started a burlesque show featuring the music of the Plain White T’s?  They could call it Plain White Tease.  It would probably be awful though, I don’t think I want to see anyone strip to “Hey There Delilah.”

Anyways that’s all the pictures we’ve got of our practice space for now.  We might try to grab some shots that aren’t just the front door of the building next time we go in.  We’re also working on getting a Kickstarter project started up soon, so be on the lookout for that.

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