Mediocre Fight of the Day: The Dodo vs Extinction

The Mediocre Fight

Today’s Mediocre Fight is another cautionary tale to the youth of America.  Some think that the Dodo was killed off by being hunted into extinction, but the real reason was far more insidious.  Skinny Jeans.  The Dodo was always a fashion-conscious animal, some may even call it a trend-whore, and when they discovered skinny jeans all of the male dodos quickly adopted the style as their own.  Unfortunately, half the population was made sterile from the restrictive jeans cutting off blood flow to the Dodo’s naughty bits.  The half that wasn’t made sterile looked so ridiculous that no female dodo was willing to mate with them.  Within a decade, every last remaining dodo had died.  In conclusion – stop wearing skinny jeans.  You look like a tool and will cause the destruction of mankind.

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Feb 21, 2011

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