Mediocre Fight of the Day: Grass Growing vs Paint Drying

The Mediocre Fight

Yes, this is a boring post, which is exactly why it’s mediocre.  Stop complaining and eat your vegetables.

Just a few short hours ago I was on a birthday trolley.  We were laughing, singing, drinking, cavorting, a friend made out with me in exchange for a barbie (don’t ask); basically there was general merrymaking.  Now, I’m in an airport waiting to board a flight for a week long trip to Boston.  Needless to say I’m not feeling particularly chipper right now.  So, since I’m having a terribly droll time I thought I would hit you with the lamest Mediocre Fight I have – Grass Growing vs Paint Drying.  Yes, the two phrases your dad always used to compare how dull something was are now duking it out in their own Mediocre Fight.  Whoever is judging this will probably just pass out from all the excitement though, so we probably will never know the true winner.

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