Mediocre Fight of the Day: Crying vs Spilled Milk

The Mediocre Fight

Oh Dawson, why are you always crying?  There there, it’s just a little milk.  We have plenty more in the refrigerator.  Oh, I forgot to go to the store… well I can get some more for you.  Hush now, things will be all right.  We have some orange juice.  Shhh, slow down, I can’t understand you.  You’re blubbering like a little girl.  What?  You’re not upset about the milk?  Then why the hell are you being such a little bitch.

Ohhh, you just watched that Sarah Mclachlan commercial with a bunch of sad puppies and sad music.  I completely understand.  You’re still kind of a pansy though.

Crying vs Spilt Milk


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