Mediocre Fight of the Day: Tigers vs Charlie Sheen

The Mediocre Fight

Have you noticed ever since Charlie Sheen started talking about Tiger Blood, the tiger population has been shrinking at an alarming rate?  Oh, it’s no coincidence.  Charlie Sheen is out there, stalking through the jungles to obtain his sweet, power-enhancing nectar.  His realistic war-training from the movie Hot Shots, and Hot Shots Part Deux enabled Sheen to kill an injured tiger on his own.  Now, with every additional kill, he grows in both strength and voracity.  He must be stopped. Unfortunately, the only thing that can possibly stand up against someone infused with Tiger Blood is someone infused with Bull Semen… So umm, any volunteers?

Also, this just fulfilled one of my life’s goals of being able to tag a blog post with “Bull Semen.”  Proud moment.


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2 Responses to “Mediocre Fight of the Day: Tigers vs Charlie Sheen”

  • Nick Says:

    Great success! I’m loving the tie back go hot shots.. clearly his rockstar lifestyle stems from his sensational movie career, staring in such box office hits as Scary Movie 3 and All Dogs Go To Heaven (voice-over..

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