Mediocre Fight of the Day: Chris Brown vs Windows

The Mediocre Fight

This morning, in an act of selfless bravery, Chris Brown destroyed a window at the Good Morning America studio before it had a chance to attack anyone.  During an interview with Robin Roberts, Chris Brown was being asked about his altercation with Rihanna.  He became agitated during the interview after he caught a glimpse of the window, plotting in the corner.  Knowing he couldn’t attack it outright, he acted like everything was normal and performed a new song from his new album.  After he finished he circled around behind the evil, unsuspecting window and smashed it, saving both the audience and Robin Roberts from inevitable harm.  Then, like a hero on the cover of a romance novel, he strode from the studio shirtless without even waiting to be thanked.

We will thank you, Chris.  Thank you for keeping the world safe from windows everywhere.



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3 Responses to “Mediocre Fight of the Day: Chris Brown vs Windows”

  • team breezy Says:

    Oh shut the hell up! who saw him break the window? u shouldnt pin shit on people til u have the facts! people always trying to make chris seem like the bad guy when in reality he has done nothing but promote his music! leave him the hell alone….now back to ur reguarly scheduled lives!

    • sekeisha Says:

      i totally agree…i love you CHRIS…do yuh thing and as for rihana she’s old news…that’s what u should have told them.

  • Ellie B Says:

    Chris Brown needs to learn to control his anger. Now he is fighting windows! It has been two years since the Rhianna incident and he still loses it if he doesn’t get his way. It is very childish and the public gets tired of his antics real fast. :razz:

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