Mediocre Fight of the Day: Jesus Riding a Dinosaur vs The Romans

The Mediocre Fight

Not much needs to be said about this one – I mean, it’s Jesus, on a fucking T-Rex.  We all know this would have been possible since dinosaurs and humans lived together, and one of Jesus’s superhero abilities was to mind-meld with giant reptiles.  However he chose not to, ’cause Jesus was also all about fair fights.

Apologies to anyone we may have horribly offended with this today.  We’re all about equality here though, if we haven’t horribly offended you today we’ll get around to it eventually.

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5 Responses to “Mediocre Fight of the Day: Jesus Riding a Dinosaur vs The Romans”

  • Otter Says:

    This is not even REMOTELY mediocre. How dare you.

  • 2ManyDix Says:

    I feel this web site should show a little respect and sensitivity. I read this blog to engage in sensible discussions, not to be offended by immoral opinions and disrespectful questions that threaten to destroy the moral fabric of our great nation.

  • BobJonesUniversityPress Says:

    HERESY!!! All dinosaurs were killed during the great flood, along with the unicorns, because they were too busy partying when they forgot to board the ark. They never made it to the New Testament, and a good riddance to them and their sinful, fornicating ways.

    Jesus rode narwhals. Even in the desert. Everyone knows that.

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