Mediocre Fight of the Day: Eddie Murphy Then vs Eddie Murphy Now

The Mediocre Fight

So I was watching the Comedy Central Comedy Awards last night, and one of the awards they gave out was the Icon Award to Eddie Murphy.  Not surprisingly, the clips they showed of his career were almost exclusively from his movies in the 80s, his standup, or his time with Saturday Night Live.  And yes, he was a comedic genius back then.  Have you seen the shit he stars in today?  I feel like that should negate anything he did previously.  I mean Bill Murray was there presenting awards to other people and he didn’t get anything, except for the opportunity to hold David Letterman’s award during his 10 minute monologue.

Some highlights from Eddie Murphy Then:
Eddie Murphy Raw
Eddie Murphy Delirious
Beverly Hills Cop
Trading Places
Coming to America
SNL characters like Gumby, Land Shark, Buckwheat and Velvet Jones

What’s Eddie Murphy Now up to?
Holy Man
The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Daddy Day Care
Meet Dave

The only good things he’s done in the past 10 years are things that only feature his voice (Shrek & Mulan), or his serious role on Dreamgirls.  What happened?


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