Mediocre Fight of the Day: Walmart vs Women

The Mediocre Fight

So I sat here for about 20 minutes trying to decide if I could get away with calling this post “Walmart vs Bitches” or “Walmart vs Hoes,” but I feel like most people wouldn’t appreciate the humor.  So instead I used The Girls Next Door to represent “Women.”

All kidding aside, here’s the background on this post.  Recently the Supreme Court heard a discrimination suit brought against Walmart, which could potentially turn into the largest class action suit in history.  I haven’t been able to get much information on the suit besides “the women are paid less.”  Which unfortunately isn’t an issue exclusive to Walmart.  In 2010 women were still only earning 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes.  That’s across the entire united States.  The better lawsuit would probably be “Women vs Society,” as it almost seems unfair/disingenuous to single out one corporation.  Maybe this will serve to start some actual change on the topic though, or at least getting a dialog going on the issue.

I also thought about making a joke about paying women 23 cents an hour to make me sandwiches, but thought that would be horribly offensive.  So since I never said that I’ll just end this with “I hope things change.”



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