Thanks to you, WE’RE MAKING AN ALBUM!!!!

The Mediocre Fight


Words cannot express how thankful we are to have friends, family and fans like you.  With another 4 days left before our project officially closes, you helped us reach 100% of our goal!  THANK YOU!!!  We’re hoping to give each of you who contributed a special thank you, what exactly that will be is still a surprise (mostly because we haven’t decided what it will be yet). Also a HUGE thank you to Kickstarter for making this all possible, definitely check out the site for other awesome projects that you can back.

And if you haven’t contributed yet, there’s still time! We can definitely use the money to make the album even better, and you’re guaranteed to get some awesome rewards as a thank-you.

So again, THANK YOU!

- Adam, Paul, Trevor, Jason


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