Album Update – Thanks Kickstarter Backers!

The Mediocre Fight

We’re going into the studio to record our debut album thanks to everyone who supported our Kickstarter project! We’re absolutely thrilled to  have the support of so many wonderful people.  We’ll be keeping everyone updated throughout the recording process; we’ll be snapping pictures and trying to take quick videos to show you the album in progress and how the recording process works.  We want to share the experience of recording an album with you.

Our first full day in the studio will be Saturday May 14th, only nine days away!  We’re putting the finishing touches on our compositions, practicing up, and getting lots of sleep (right Paul?).  Below is a picture of the studio we’ll be recording in.

Stay tuned for many more updates to come.  Thank you again for your support!

-Jason, Paul, Adam, Trevor


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