A day off

The Mediocre Fight

Yesterday was another productive day in the studio.  Going in to the day our plan was to record Trevor on Uptown’s Hammond organ; the studio is getting a new leslie speaker cabinet just in time for us to use it on our album.  Unfortunately, despite Uptown’s crew going to great lengths running all over town, the cabinet purchase got delayed.  We’re a flexible bunch, so instead of recording Trevor we set up an amp and started tracking guitars!   I (Adam) got to sit in the control room with Dan (our engineer) and we ran a cable attached from my guitar into an amp in another room.  The amp was mic’d and we were able to hear my guitar in the song as I played along with what we’d already recorded.  We continued to record to tape and layer guitars one on top of another.  On one track, I think I recorded no less than ten different guitar tracks using a variety of different guitars and effects weaving in and out of the song.

Trevor eventually had to leave to go take a test for school and Paul had to go to dinner with a friend who’s headed off to Africa.  With only Dan and I left in the studio, there was no one left to post or take pictures since the two of us were laser focused on laying down guitar tracks with the perfect performance and tone.  The highlight of my day came when Dan had an idea for a Who-like guitar track to end to one of our songs and I stood in the control room doing Pete Townsend style windmills while Dan hit record than proceeded to hop around the control room with excitement.  The full windmills probably weren’t necessary, they’re mostly for aesthetics (I”m pretty sure the full arm rotation has no effect on the sound) but I sure like to think they affected the attitude in my performance.

After nailing 4 songs worth of guitar tracks (well most of the guitar tracks, we’re using A LOT of guitars), Dan and I grabbed dinner and relaxed for a bit before heading back into the studio around 9pm to record a couple of acoustic takes before calling it a night.  With a tired sense of accomplishment and mellow mood we nailed the acoustic guitar that accompanies Trevor’s terrific grand piano performance on Kind Eyes.   Then Jason swung by post work and rehearsal to grab a beer and hang out as we finished off the night.

Today we get a little reprieve for our ears, fingers, hands, feet, creative mojo, etc. and tomorrow night we’ll be right back at it.  We’ll try to post some more pictures from this weekend tonight.

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