OMG, I have my own account now! [Update] [Updated Update]

The Mediocre Fight

So in between drinking, blogging and making fun of Adam, Jason and I decided to make our own accounts.  So, now instead of me posting everything under The Mediocre Fight and Adam taking credit for my brilliant writing and artistry, I can now post under my own name and have all hate mail directed right to me. Joy!

More brilliant posts to come, sure to become all the more brilliant the more Jason and I have to drink.




[Update] So, I also just realized that we don’t actually have any kind of indication of who is posting an article.  So, fail on my joy for having my own account.

[Updated Update]  So, after poking around for a few minutes Jason and I actually figured out the code we’d need to add the author to each post.  It was at this point that I also realized there was just an option built in to display the post author.  So I enabled it.  It was at THIS point that I also posted the “Hey I have my own account!” still as The Mediocre Fight.  Yeesh.  Blogging fail.  At least I’m done recording.

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