We’re at the studio. It’s past 2 am.

The Mediocre Fight

And Adam just had an AWESOME vocal track on Spacecaveman.  Which is hilarious, because Jason and I have been drinking beers all night, and Adam has somehow become more drunk than we are in the span of like 5 minutes.  Which might have something to do with the fact that while we left him alone in his booth, he somehow downed more than half a bottle of wine.

Anyways, Adam started out going “I’m going to keep this kind of low-key, like disaffected.”  We gave Adam a couple of takes doing this, but after we convinced him to really fucking rip through the track, oh man. It sounds awesome.  I think this is spot on with the sound we were going for, and even though Adam might not remember this tomorrow, it felt GREAT.  This is another track that I cannot wait to share with all of you, and this will probably be the one that I’m creating an animated video for as well.

Keep checking back for more updates, we’ll have more to share soon!


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