Practicing, Resting, Planning


We’ve got a few days off from the studio to rest and recuperate.   Doing such we’ve been a little lazy with our posts.  We’re getting very close to finishing tracking.  We’ve got just a few guitar tracks, a few tracks from our horn section, a few auxiliary percussion track, and some vocals tracks left before we’re finished.  As with any project, as we get closer, the devil’s in the details of hitting all the little notes, lesser riffs and accents that will ultimately make or break the album.

And, amidst all this album recording business, we’ve got a show coming up this Friday at Goose Island in Wrigleyville.  So tonight we’ve got a practice to polish our live show in preparation for seeing all of you on Friday!  It looks like we didn’t think ahead and left our instruments at the studio (oops) so we will be going by there tonight after all.

For your viewing pleasure I’ll leave you with this video of Trevor warming up on the Hammond before recording last Friday.

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