Back in the studio! We’re in the home stretch!


We’re kickin it in the studio again tonight, spending some more time tracking Adam’s guitars.  We’re layering more and more guitar sounds into the songs, and they’re really filling out and sounding awesome.  After we finish up with the guitars, it’s on to vocals and then finishing up with whatever other sounds we want to add in that we can’t play live.  We’ve got some friends coming into the studio with us next week to record some horn parts, and then a few weeks after that we’re doing something really exciting.  We’ll be heading over to Indiana to have Erik Kang from Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s record some violin parts for us!

Here’s what’s happenin tonight – Trevor getting some work done on the computer while Adam records the guitar parts.

Adam recording while Trevor works on his computer


On an unrelated note, I want to say that I’m astonished that literally a third of the hits to our website are still coming from people searching for Rebecca Black.  Really?  Apparently the post I made analyzing her lyrics is going to be the defining moment in my blogging career.  I should just quit now.


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