Mediocre Fight of the Day: Anthony Weiner vs Good Judgement


ZOMG, it’s a new Mediocre Fight!  I figured a good return would be commemorating the day the guy named Weiner resigned for showing his wiener (Yes, those are spelled differently.  Haven’t you heard that old grammar rule, “I before E except after C, or when you’re talking about that politician that showed his junk on the internet?”)  When I first heard about this story, the first thing I thought of was this:


The second thing I thought was “Shit, I used the ‘Wiener vs Wiener‘ Mediocre Fight on the entirely wrong wiener battle.  Anyways, this post is specifically about the whole Anthony Weiner kerfuffle (that’s such an awesome word), but can really be extended to all celebrities who take risque photos of themselves and send them to people.  I’m looking at you, Vanessa Hudgens.  And Blake Lively.  And Chris Brown.  And Pete Wentz.  And Paris Hilton.  And Cloris Leachman.  Actually that last one isn’t real, but you get the picture.  There’s a lot of stupid celebrities out there who are suddenly shocked when their photos get leaked all over the internet.  I mean come on, what are you thinking? You’re famous, those photos WILL get out.  And it’s one thing if you’re a rock star or movie star or something along those lines, but when your job description has anything about “ethics” or “propriety” in it you should probably keep your naughty bits as far away from any camera as possible.  And Twitter?  You’re going to send them through TWITTER?  Obviously politicians don’t always resign because of sex scandals, but you should definitely resign if you’re stupid enough to post your sex scandal publicly on Twitter.  I don’t want people who make choices like that deciding the future of this country.

Also, I mean, his name is Weiner.  C’mon.



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