The Home Stretch


We’re in the home stretch. We’ve finished all of our recording, mixed all the parts so they sound oh so nice together, and now it’s time for the final stage: mastering. This is where we take our mixed-down two channel mixes and balance them out, place them together, and make a single coherent whole. We’re hanging out here at Boiler Room Mastering, a spot designed specifically for the mastering process,¬†finishing up. Dan our most excellent engineer stopped by to chill for a bit, and now we’re mostly just hanging out as Colin puts the last touches on the record enjoying the sweet sweet sounds. A dance party may ensue when we do the ultimate bounce.

When we leave tonight, we’ll be musically done with the record. All that’s left is artwork and packaging and getting it into your hands.

We’re extremely excited to get some sounds out to you guys, so expect a couple previews in the next few days!

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