You can never have enough thank-yous


Wow, I cannot possibly express in words how incredibly thrilled I was after our show on Saturday. We easily had the biggest crowd we’ve played for, and pretty much every person there said this was the best show we’ve played. That is due to the awesome musicians we played with and the great energy of the crowd. Thank, thank, THANK you also much! Also a huge shout out to the other acts that night, who were all incredible – Faraz Choudry, Tiffany Thompson & Jenn Bostic, esh,and Deadbeat Darling. I would gladly play with any of these awesome acts again. and of course, huge thanks to Swizzle Steve and Double Door for organizing such an awesome show. Hopefully we’ll be playing many more just like it.

Now, as you may well know this show was our CD release party, which does indeed mean our CD is officially up for sale! You can buy it now from our Music page for a minimum of $5 (or more if you’re an especially awesome person), and shortly the album will be available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

We’ll have more updates soon, but for now I can’t say enough how thankful we are for our friends, fans, fellow musicians, and most importantly our Kickstarter backers – without whomever none of this would be possible.

We’ve got more shows in the works – check back here soon to find out more!

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