The Mediocre Fight was founded by four Northwestern alumni bringing together a jam-band drummer, a jazz pianist and an indie-rock bassist, guitarist, and lead singer. Due to ambitious compositions, and a wide network of local musicians, the group exploded from a rock quartet to a twelve-member indie rock orchestra. Like many bands of its size, many musicians contribute, coming and going but the song remains the same.

The band’s debut album, “We Are Enablers” was recorded exclusively to analog over 3 months at Uptown Recording working with mix engineer Dan Stock. The album consists primarily of two-types of songs; up-tempo, playful rock-based romps and mid-tempo indie orchestral ballads. The band aimed for diversity of sound; on the final track alone, “Passed Time” progresses from a nostalgic acoustic ballad (think Jeff Tweedy) to organized chaos (think Heroin by Velvet Underground) to a disco dance tune. “We Are Enablers” also features the violin playing of Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s Erik Kang.

The Mediocre Fight varies from rock-oriented influences such as Spoon, the Strokes and the National, to more of the orchestral indie-sound pioneered by bands such as Arcade Fire, Wilco and Broken Social Scene.