The Singer

Adam - The SingerBecause the King of Nebraska had heard prophesied that a Rock Star would be born would rise up to overthrow him, he decreed that all young guitar players should be cast into the Mississippi River. Adam’s parents, fearing the fate of their child, hid him in a drum case down by the river. He was found by a pack of wild coyotes and raised as one of their own. Upon reaching his 13th birthday, he received a sign from God in the form of a flaming guitar. The coyotes taught him everything they knew about music (as everyone knows, coyotes are excellent songwriters), and thus he returned to Nebraska where he challenged the King of Nebraska to a shred-off. Though the King’s heart was hardened, Adam defeated the king after seven battles. After forty months of wandering the plains, he eventually led his people out of the wilderness of Nebraska to the promised land: Ohio. He then moved to Chicago where he started a band named–for some inexplicable reason–Moses Cleveland. After an altercation over a golden statue of Ronnie James Dio, the band broke up, and after trying hard, but not too hard, he started a new band, The Mediocre Fight.



The Drummer

Jason - The DrummerWhen Jason was a young boy he frequently wandered out of his home in Atlanta and into the Appalachian mountains.  On his frequent nature walks he began to appreciate the natural rhythm of the world around him, the subtle humming of crickets, the crunching of leaves, and the wind wrestling with the limbs of trees.  Jason fashioned himself a favorite walking stick which he would tap to along to nature’s greatest hits.  Jason’s early influences were mostly nature sounds cds, followed by an evolution into harder stuff like Yanni and Mannheim Steamroller.  One fateful day Jason was confronted by an aggressive and grumpy Grizzly Bear.  Facing certain death Jason fought back, using the horn of nearby elk to stab the Grizzly Bear in the heart (the elk survived).  With a new found confidence and appreciation for life, Jason left home for schooling at Northwestern University and gained an appreciation for heavier rock and roll drumming.  Jason’s favorite song is Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick” because the drum solo offers a cute warm-up.  He remains violently animalistic and spiritual and can be seen as man possessed when banging his drums.  Also he’s reliable and has a great smile.



The Bass Player

Paul - The Bass PlayerIn the early 80’s, Paul was brought into the world in a small town in Iowa.  After seeing a circus performance at a young age he developed an unhealthy obsession with clowns, regularly wearing face paint and rainbow pants. His parents, fearing this unusual obsession might have resulted from his early upbringing in remote, rural Iowa, moved the family to the suburbs of Minnesota in search of a normal childhood for young Paul.  In Minnesota, Paul tried out for the 5th grade band as a euphonium player. His love for music grew, and his parents wholeheartedly supported this new hobby.  Paul flourished as a young adolescent, picking up guitar and bass and becoming star of his high school show choir.  Completely free of his former clown fetish (or so his parents thought), Paul graduated high school and moved to Chicago to study computer science at Northwestern.  These days, as a college grad, Paul is the bassist for Mediocre Fight, and works as a full-time computer programmer on the side.  The highlight of Paul’s young musical career was meeting fellow bassist Michael Cera while rehearsing with the Mediocre Fight.  Paul hopes to one day follow in Cera’s footsteps, but in reverse, first achieving status of bass player extraordinaire and later becoming a teenage movie star.  Judging by his recent performances, he is well on his way to both.



The Keyboardist

Trevor - The KeyboardistTrevor James Lee, born with a beard on his face and an axe in his hand, has always been a man among men.  Trevor had a difficult childhood, as the aura of pure manliness that he cast would cause any woman in his path to swoon.  In an attempt to rein in this power, Trevor turned to the least manly musical instrument he could find – the Flute.  He soon found this only heightened his desirability, so he took things up a notch and picked up the Clarinet and Oboe as well and began playing in a jazz trio.  This worked for him for several years, until the Incident at Sarasota caused him to be unable to play phallic instruments any longer.  Deciding to once again embrace his manliness, and with no sense of irony, Trevor became a Pianist.  He soon found a group of men with the same affliction, and The Mediocre Fight was born.  Ladies, please attend shows with extreme caution.