Jan 30 2013

Hipster Megazostradon



I think it’s about time we finished up our hipster extinct animal series…



Hipster Megazostradon decided to go extinct because being a mammal became too mainstream.

Jan 18 2012

Hipster Homo Erectus


Hipster Homo Erectus’s jeans are so skinny you can’t even see them.

Jan 5 2012

New Show Announced!

The Mediocre Fight

We’ll be rocking and rolling at Martyr’s Live in Chicago on Friday February 3rd!  Get your tickets at: https://www.martyrslive.com/

Also, the winner of our caption contest was Nick Kanellis.  He provided the caption for our friend below: “Sabertooth Tiger didn’t go extinct from tar pits, just tar”

Dec 1 2011

Woolly Mammoth


Woolly Mammoth in his Chuck Taylors is too cool for this ice age.

Nov 30 2011

Hipster Moa


Moa only listens to bootleg concerts from 15th century Maori bands you’ve probably never heard of.

Nov 30 2011

Hipster Tasmanian Wolf


If it’s not steampunk or old timey, Tasmanian Wolf isn’t interested.

Nov 30 2011

Hipster Archaeopteryx



Enjoy our new series: Extinct Hipster Animals. They’re so underground they’re fossil fuel.

Archaeopteryx could fly, but he wants to reduce his carbon footprint.