Oct 28 2011

Announcing Our CD Release Show!


Saturday December 3rd at The Double Door 

Other artists who have played at the Double Door include little known acts
The Rolling Stones, John Legend,  Wilco, and  The Smashing Pumpkins

That movie “High Fidelity” with John Cusack, Tim Robbins, and Catherine Zeta-Jones?  They shot scenes at the Double Door and referenced the venue in the film.

For us, this show is a big deal.  We’ll be playing with a full 12-person band!
After months of preparation, we can’t wait to debut our new sound at one of the most revered rock and roll clubs in the world.

We hope you’ll join us.

Tickets go on sale October 29th and are only $10.  Click Here to Buy Tickets!




Jul 10 2011

It’s unlikely your 4th of July was as patriotic as ours…



… because we all we wearing jean shorts, and really, what’s more American than jean shorts?  The following are some of the best pictures from our “JORTh of July” party we had last week.  You can also read more about the end of the night in my last “Mediocre Fight of the Day” post.  And no that’s not spandex I’m wearing, just boxer briefs.

The whole band was very excited for the party, so we recorded a little song to share our joy with you good people.  Pay close attention to Adam’s crazy eyes about halfway through the video, saying to the camera “I’m REALLY excited to wear some jorts!!!!”  I’ve also written out the lyrics below the video for anyone that want’s to sing along with us.



We most likely won’t be including this on our next album.

We also have some amazing friends.  Friends so amazing that they will not only bake you cupcakes for your JORTh of July party, but they will also make GI Jorts for you as well.


Here the men can be seen protecting the shores of Cupcake America.


And since it was so hot, we also decided to get an Ice Luge for the party, used to both cool and deliver deliciously American Apple Pie Shots all over people’s faces.  I think they’re supposed to go into your mouth, but nobody could really get the pour-speed reduced below “torrent.”


And here are some more pictures of our brave GI Jorts, seen here protecting the Ice Luge.  That’s our giant patriotic balloon as the backdrop.


And here’s Adam in his… interesting… take on the theme.  This might explain his crazy excited eyes in the Jorts video.  Sorry boys, he is indeed straight, and that’s his girlfriend to the right of him.


Here’s one of my favorite additions to the party (at least until it caused my accident), the super soakers.  Yes, our friend Ryan made his own awesome denim holster.  That is dedication to a party.  Actually, “Squirt Guns and Denim Holsters” would be a pretty cool indie band/album name…  I call dibs.


And finally, here are some more random shots from the party for your enjoyment and jealousy.


That last one is my favorite, because of Ryan in the background.  I didn’t even notice him the first couple of times I looked at this photo.


So that was our very successful party, thanks to all of our friends who made that such a great day.



Jun 19 2011

Wow, small world


I just ran into one of my professors from college, who is currently recording a swing/Arabic album in the other studio. Crazy, did not expect that at all.

Jun 19 2011

Happy Father’s Day!


So we’re back in the studio today for the last of our vocal tracking, and then doing some auxiliary percussion (we have a gong!).  But it’s also Father’s Day today, so I wanted to take a quick moment to give a shout-out to all the dads out there.  I don’t have a recent picture of my own dad on my laptop, but here’s a pretty close approximation:

Actually, like really close.  Let’s just say this is actually my dad.

My dad’s retired now, and my parents are in the process of moving back down to Iowa.  When I called them today they were in the process of packing for the move.  My mom said, “Your dad was supposed to get all of his woodworking stuff packed up today, but when he went out to the garage I think he just started a new project.”  Hilarious.

Anyways hope you’re all having a great Father’s Day, we’ll be making some more posts later today so check back for more from our last day recording!


Apr 13 2011

Taste the Mediocrity

The Mediocre Fight

Hi there.  Do you like Skittles?  Then you should probably like The Mediocre Fight too.  Errbody’s doing it.





Mar 30 2011

Dramatic reading of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

The Mediocre Fight

This is so full of win I think my head is going to explode.  It’s a dramatic reading of “Friday” by James Urbaniak – the voice of Rusty Venture on The Venture Brothers.  Also making an appearance, Wil Wheaton.  Love it.


Mar 27 2011

I’m on Otter’s shit list

The Mediocre Fight

Sorry for getting a waitress’s number instead of going to your birthday dinner. Heaaaarrrrtttttt youuuuuuu.

Mar 18 2011

An in-depth analysis of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

The Mediocre Fight

It’s Friday, and as part of my new Friday routine I am watching Rebecca Black’s video “Friday” on repeat.  If you haven’t seen this video yet, OH JESUS CHRIST WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! CLICK PLAY IMMEDIATELY!!!  It’s hard to explain quite how I feel about this video.  I’m disgusted by it, embarrassed, at times enraged that it even exists… yet, for some inexplicable reason, I want to watch more videos like this.  I don’t know if it’s an odd form of masochism, if it makes me feel better about myself, or if Ark Music Factory has simply discovered how to make sonic crack.


Okay, if you’re still conscious and haven’t tried to rip out your eyes to plug your ears with (thus solving both problems of being able to see and hear the video) – I’d like to have a little discussion about the meaning of the song.  It’s not about partying, no.  It’s much deeper meaning is really about a young girl struggling with dementia.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s break it down. Continue reading

Mar 18 2011

And this is why I’m using nothing but credit cards from now on…

The Mediocre Fight


Cliff notes: woman smuggles a shit ton of heroin, pills, and cash in her vagina.  Now I get the necessity of hiding illegal drugs and prescription pills, though I emphatically question the methods.  However, why the shit did she feel the need to also stuff $51.22 in cash and change in there?  Was there a point where she said “Fuck it, I don’t need no purse?”  Mind = boggled.  I guess we at least know where Octo-Mom is now.

Another tag that I never thought I’d add to an article: “remarkable vagina”

Mar 6 2011

Winning Mediocre Fight Tip

The Mediocre Fight

This will have to tide you over until I have a chance to make a real mediocre fight.  But, I’m also going out for a Bottomless Mimosa brunch, followed shortly thereafter with a trip to a BBQ place that sells malt liquor in paper bags.  So, since I’ll be keepin things classy all afternoon it might be a little while before I actually get around to any internet-based productivity… which definitely sounds like an oxymoron.

Anyways it came to my attention that we’re always telling you fine folks about mediocre fights, but never what to do if you find yourself in one.  Worry no more – we now having a winning tip for you:  When they aren’t looking… Punch ‘em in the neck.

How to win a mediocre fight