May 24 2011

‘Twas a good night


Well, even though the Bulls weren’t able to pull it out in overtime, it was still a good night tonight.  It was our first time back in rehearsal at Music Garage since we started recording our album, and boy did things both feel and sound good tonight.  Since we’ve been playing our parts pretty much constantly for the past two weeks, we breezed through our setlist for the show at Goose Island on Friday and had an extra half hour to mess around.  Here’s a drum solo from Jason to commemorate things:



Yeah.  He’s good.  And since I don’t think we’ve ever posted pictures from the rehearsal studio, here’s the rest of the gang.  I was taking the pictures, so if you want to see me slappin’ da bass you’ll have to come to the show this Friday.  Goose Island Wrigleyville.  Be there.

Jason on the Drums

Here's Jason, drummin' away. Or looking frightened.

Adam waving

Here's Adam, waving to me.

Adam and Trevor

Adam crooning while Trevor dials it in

The Mediocre Fight

And here's The Mediocre Fight, minus its most attractive and intelligent member.


May 18 2011

Back in Action: Hump Day Edition

The Mediocre Fight

Hey kids, Paul here.  For whatever reason we’ve decided to schedule every day in the studio the same days the Bulls are playing, but whatever, I ain’t mad.

Anyways, seeing as how Jason and I are done recording our tracks, our job is now to have beers and blog.  Can’t really complain.  Adam is working on acoustic guitar tracks right now, and really bringing it home.  While the rest of us are in the other room making fun of him.  It works out nicely.  Here’s Adam recording, with a hat on so you can’t see his bald spot.



We also have Trevor coming in later tonight after his class, so hopefully we’ll get some video of him playing the Hammond Organ.  The recording studio just got a new amp for it, and it sounds BEAUTIFUL.  You wouldn’t know it though, since the only video we have of someone playing it right now is Adam.  Playing the Imperial March.  Which seems to be the only thing he knows how to play….



And yes, that’s our sound engineer Dan asking us, “Hey dudes, you wanna come smell this?”



Feb 9 2011

Band Bios Part 2: Adam

The Mediocre Fight

Adam - The SingerBecause the King of Nebraska had heard prophesied that a Rock Star would be born would rise up to overthrow him, he decreed that all young guitar players should be cast into the Mississippi River. Adam’s parents, fearing the fate of their child, hid him in a drum case down by the river. He was found by a pack of wild coyotes and raised as one of their own. Upon reaching his 13th birthday, he received a sign from God in the form of a flaming guitar. The coyotes taught him everything they knew about music (as everyone knows, coyotes are excellent songwriters), and thus he returned to Nebraska where he challenged the King of Nebraska to a shred-off. Though the King’s heart was hardened, Adam defeated the king after seven battles. After forty months of wandering the plains, he eventually led his people out of the wilderness of Nebraska to the promised land: Ohio. He then moved to Chicago where he started a band named–for some inexplicable reason–Moses Cleveland. After an altercation over a golden statue of Ronnie James Dio, the band broke up, and after trying hard, but not too hard, he started a new band, The Mediocre Fight.