Mar 18 2011

An in-depth analysis of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

The Mediocre Fight

It’s Friday, and as part of my new Friday routine I am watching Rebecca Black’s video “Friday” on repeat.  If you haven’t seen this video yet, OH JESUS CHRIST WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! CLICK PLAY IMMEDIATELY!!!  It’s hard to explain quite how I feel about this video.  I’m disgusted by it, embarrassed, at times enraged that it even exists… yet, for some inexplicable reason, I want to watch more videos like this.  I don’t know if it’s an odd form of masochism, if it makes me feel better about myself, or if Ark Music Factory has simply discovered how to make sonic crack.

Okay, if you’re still conscious and haven’t tried to rip out your eyes to plug your ears with (thus solving both problems of being able to see and hear the video) – I’d like to have a little discussion about the meaning of the song.  It’s not about partying, no.  It’s much deeper meaning is really about a young girl struggling with dementia.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s break it down. Continue reading