Apr 26 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: AOL Instant Messenger vs Relevancy

The Mediocre Fight

Yes, we’re still alive and posting, just took a much needed break over the weekend.  Turns out it is possible to get burnt out making pithy comments about doodles.

I’m starting today’s post with a question: Does anyone still actually use AIM as their main form of communication?  Out of the 200 contacts I have in AIM, there are literally 3 (three) people online right now.  And they ALL also have Google Talk accounts (what’s the official name of that by the way?  Google Chat?  Google Talk? Gchat?).  Plus everybody has cell phones these days, which you can either use to text or BBM or use an instant message app.  Or tweet.  It’s weird to think that kids growing up today will never know what it’s like to get a new AOL cd in the mail every other fucking day.  Actually, how is AOL even around still?  It just looks like a knock-off Yahoo! now.  Yeah, I added the exclamation point for Yahoo! too.


Wow.  I just visited yahoo.com to see if they actually use that exclamation point still.  The first thing I noticed is they have a section called “omg!” now.  This tells me two things: they are run by completely out of touch middle aged men, and their target market is stereotypical teenage girls from 2003.  Facepalm.  I’m going to go update my AIM status message with the lyrics of some song that are applicable to this situation.  Kthxbye.


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