Apr 1 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Beer Goggles vs Reality

The Mediocre Fight

Beer goggles, a wonderful invention from the god Bacchus enabling ugly people and fat chicks everywhere to get laid.  It’s a little bit like everyone who gets drunk is just like Jack Black in Shallow Hal – they no longer see reality when looking at people.  Which is interesting, because in Shallow Hal he falls in love with the girl’s inner beauty.  Oh, and he has a tail and she’s cool with that… an important part of the movie.  Sorry for anyone who I just spoiled the movie for, but really I did you a favor.  Anyways what I was just wondering if that’s ever actually happened – someone goes home with someone who they don’t find attractive, and the next day they’re like “Oh, but I had such a connection, I now find myself attractive to this person.”  I think it’s more likely everyone just goes “Oh, shit” and sneaks out without their underwear.  Aren’t people great?



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