Mar 30 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Blue Screen of Death vs Rainbow Pinwheel of Death

The Mediocre Fight

Anyone who has ever used Windows has inevitably seen the Blue Screen of Death.  It’s even better when this shows up right when you’re in the middle of something important, with absolutely no warning.  Those are the times when I’ve come very close to kicking my PC out a window.

On the Mac side of things you have the very heterosexual sounding Rainbow Pinwheel of Death.  Don’t let the name fool you – to me this is the far more sadistic of the two crash screens.  It lets you futilely  wiggle your cursor around, giving you a false sense of hope that maybe, maybe things are going to be just fine.  But without any indication of whether you just have to wait a second more or if there is no hope of recovery, this spinning asshole of an icon can drive you insane.

No matter which of these “wins” one thing is certain – crashing computers may be the one thing that saves us during the inevitable Robot Uprising.



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