Feb 9 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day

The Mediocre Fight

Well it’s been about a month since our first post, but you should start seeing much more frequent posts here with the introduction of our “Mediocre Fight of the Day” series.  Will these actually be daily posts?  Doubtful, we have better things to do draw pictures for the entertainment of the unwashed masses (just kidding! loooove you <3 ).

The first up in our series:  Cute Bunny vs Carrot with a Face.  Who will win?  In one corner, we have a cute bunny with a thirst for the blood of carrots (I think that’s just carrot juice.  I could be wrong).  In the other corner, we have a carrot with a mouth!  The only thing he can do with his mouth is scream, he has no teeth.  He’s also not really mobile because he doesn’t have any limbs either.  But, what if he has incredible psychic powers like in the movie Scanners?  Within seconds we may see the bunny’s head explode from the incredibly psychic energies of the screaming carrot.

Or, the bunny may just eat the shit out of the carrot as bunnies are wont to do.  In either case, we hope you enjoy.

Cute Bunny vs Carrot with a Face

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Feb 9 2011