Jun 8 2011

Progress, slowly but surely


It’s been a while since our last post!  After our show on the 27th, I spent most of Memorial Day weekend hiding in my beat lab re-learning my scales on keyboard and writing parts for the horn section we were bringing in to the studio.  Because these (very talented) horn players had never heard our music before, let alone the parts I had written for them in my head, I had to actually write out the sheet music, you know like an actual composer.  Needless to say, I had a few hiccups along the way.  Luckily our horn players were fantastic musicians and able to overcome my notation/transcription errors and lay down their takes like a boss.  We were lucky to have Brian Dema on saxophone, Saif Choudhury on trumpet and Eric Miller on trombone.  All three are killer musicians.  Here’s a picture of them at work:

We put them all in the same room to create a “live” sound by allowing the sound from one musician to bleed into the other’s mic.  Obviously you have to have pretty talented musicians to do this, since all three of them had to nail the same take.  Jason got pretty into it, here’s his reaction to what was going on:


When you take any individual part of a song out of context it can sound pretty simple, silly, or otherwise odd on it’s own. For the horn section, we usually had 2 or 3 parts for each instrument and would record each on a separate take to create chords. Here’s one horn line all by it’s lonesome self. Of course, the musicians hear everything else in their headphones.

We finished off the night be capturing the rest of Trevor’s back-up vocals and then saw Trevor off as he’ll be traveling on the East coast most of June and July.  We’re almost done with tracking.  All we have left are some lead vocal tracks, some auxiliary percussion, and some violin tracks which will be recorded by Erik Kang from Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s.  We’re taking a few days off while Dan takes a much deserved vacation and we’ll jump right back in upon his return.