Apr 6 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Drunk Texts vs Good Ideas

The Mediocre Fight

It used to be drunk dials.  You’d have a bit too much to drink, and start calling people up and saying things you probably shouldn’t.  Bad, and worse when you leave a voicemail.  But now with text messaging so prevalent you can leave a whole series of awful messages, proof of your bad decision making, that could stay with the phone until you upgrade or end up on Texts from Last Night.  If you’re someone who has a habit of drunk texting, you should probably turn over your phone at the same time you turn over your keys.

Now I was going to post some of my favorite drunk texts I’ve received, but then I found a gem of a conversation that I had with my roommate.  There’s some back story to this – we had been joking at one point that he was going to drunkenly break my bass by accident right before I had to play in front of a record exec, and then he’d wake up with no recollection of what happened.

Me: Did you leave?

Roommate: Taking a shit

Roommate: On your guitar… fuck it’s happening

Me:  ”what the shit how did I get here?? What have I done??”

Roommate: Fuck, and there was this letter I accidentally opened last week and forgot to tell you about.  A major record company wants to see you play for them tonight.  The show is in 5 hours. Another major problem, it’s in LA.  If only we could go back in time.  We need some sort of time machine.

Me:  Like a hot tub time machine?

Roommate: You read my mind.  I am glad we have this conversation in text so we can make this movie.

Roommate: Fuck, someone beat us to it!

Roommate: We need some sort of time machine…


It then goes back and forth like this for another 10 minutes or so.  We’re easily amused.



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