May 24 2011

‘Twas a good night


Well, even though the Bulls weren’t able to pull it out in overtime, it was still a good night tonight.  It was our first time back in rehearsal at Music Garage since we started recording our album, and boy did things both feel and sound good tonight.  Since we’ve been playing our parts pretty much constantly for the past two weeks, we breezed through our setlist for the show at Goose Island on Friday and had an extra half hour to mess around.  Here’s a drum solo from Jason to commemorate things:



Yeah.  He’s good.  And since I don’t think we’ve ever posted pictures from the rehearsal studio, here’s the rest of the gang.  I was taking the pictures, so if you want to see me slappin’ da bass you’ll have to come to the show this Friday.  Goose Island Wrigleyville.  Be there.

Jason on the Drums

Here's Jason, drummin' away. Or looking frightened.

Adam waving

Here's Adam, waving to me.

Adam and Trevor

Adam crooning while Trevor dials it in

The Mediocre Fight

And here's The Mediocre Fight, minus its most attractive and intelligent member.


Feb 10 2011

Band Bios Part 4: Jason

The Mediocre Fight

Jason - The DrummerWhen Jason was a young boy he frequently wandered out of his home in Atlanta and into the Appalachian mountains.  On his frequent nature walks he began to appreciate the natural rhythm of the world around him, the subtle humming of crickets, the crunching of leaves, and the wind wrestling with the limbs of trees.  Jason fashioned himself a favorite walking stick which he would tap to along to nature’s greatest hits.  Jason’s early influences were mostly nature sounds cds, followed by an evolution into harder stuff like Yanni and Mannheim Steamroller.  One fateful day Jason was confronted by an aggressive and grumpy Grizzly Bear.  Facing certain death Jason fought back, using the horn of nearby elk to stab the Grizzly Bear in the heart (the elk survived).  With a new found confidence and appreciation for life, Jason left home for schooling at Northwestern University and gained an appreciation for heavier rock and roll drumming.  Jason’s favorite song is Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick” because the drum solo offers a cute warm-up.  He remains violently animalistic and spiritual and can be seen as man possessed when banging his drums.  Also he’s reliable and has a great smile.