Mar 8 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: “Winning” vs Winning

The Mediocre Fight

This is day 2 in our multi-day Sheen series of Mediocre Fights.  I have no idea how long this will actually last, I don’t have time to plan ahead since I’m so busy winning.

Speaking of winning, let’s go over some things that are, and are not, winning:

Is Winning:  Starring in “the biggest hit comedy in the past decade.”  On a show that had absolutely no business ever carrying that title.
Is Not Winning:
Being fired from said hit comedy for shooting your mouth off.

Is Winning:  Curing Cancer.
Is Not Winning:
Getting a million Twitter followers in a day because people like watching train wrecks.

Is Winning: Getting engaged to Kelly Preston.
Is Not Winning: Kelly Preston breaking off your engagement because you accidentally shot her in the arm.

Is Winning: Bears.
Is Not Winning: Bears on Cocaine.

Is Winning: Winning an Oscar.
Is Not Winning: Being known as the drug addict who loves hookers.  Although while it’s not “Winning,” it’s not that out of the ordinary when you work in Hollywood.

Which brings us to the Mediocre Fight of the Day: “Winning” vs Winning

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