Feb 10 2011

Band Bios Part 3: Trevor

The Mediocre Fight

Trevor - The KeyboardistTrevor James Lee, born with a beard on his face and an axe in his hand, has always been a man among men.  Trevor had a difficult childhood, as the aura of pure manliness that he cast would cause any woman in his path to swoon.  In an attempt to rein in this power, Trevor turned to the least manly musical instrument he could find – the Flute.  He soon found this only heightened his desirability, so he took things up a notch and picked up the Clarinet and Oboe as well and began playing in a jazz trio.  This worked for him for several years, until the Incident at Sarasota caused him to be unable to play phallic instruments any longer.  Deciding to once again embrace his manliness, and with no sense of irony, Trevor became a Pianist.  He soon found a group of men with the same affliction, and The Mediocre Fight was born.  Ladies, please attend shows with extreme caution.