Dec 1 2011

We have the CDs!!!


After many months of hard work and HUGE support from friends like you, we finally have the album in hand!  Here’s a look:


The Mediocre Fight - We Are Enablers

We can’t wait to get these in your hands!  Don’t forget, this Saturday, December 3, is our official release party at Double Door Chicago.  We’ll have CDs on hand for those that already bought them, and selling copies for anyone who hasn’t picked one up yet.  Not only that, we’ll be putting on an awesome show with 9 other fantastic musicians.  I’m in one of those “too excited to sleep” moods, can’t wait to play all the new music for you this weekend!



Jul 18 2011

A big thanks to Matt Pavlak!



Mr. Pavlak was one of our very generous Kickstarter backers and for one of his rewards he requested we play “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds.  Below is a video of our cover of the song.  Thanks again Matt!




We also want to give a huge thank you to our good friend Ryan Pollyea, who took time out to film and edit the video for us!  Our friends are the best.

As we continue with recording our album, we’re working on all our Kickstarter rewards and look forward to getting them out to all of our backers soon!


Apr 28 2011

Thanks to you, WE’RE MAKING AN ALBUM!!!!

The Mediocre Fight


Words cannot express how thankful we are to have friends, family and fans like you.  With another 4 days left before our project officially closes, you helped us reach 100% of our goal!  THANK YOU!!!  We’re hoping to give each of you who contributed a special thank you, what exactly that will be is still a surprise (mostly because we haven’t decided what it will be yet). Also a HUGE thank you to Kickstarter for making this all possible, definitely check out the site for other awesome projects that you can back.

And if you haven’t contributed yet, there’s still time! We can definitely use the money to make the album even better, and you’re guaranteed to get some awesome rewards as a thank-you.

So again, THANK YOU!

- Adam, Paul, Trevor, Jason


Apr 11 2011

What you DIDN’T see in our Kickstarter video

The Mediocre Fight

The video that we recently put up for our Kickstarter project clocks in at around 3 minutes.  What you don’ t know is that we actually had an hour of film, and we had to leave a lot behind on the cutting room floor.  Which also explains why the most-used phrase in the video is “We’re not going to be able to use any of this, are we.”

Here’s some of our favorite moments from the uncut footage, and you’ll pretty quickly see why these didn’t make it into the real deal.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the album so far, we’re at over 20% of our goal!  You can contribute on our Kickstarter page and learn more about the different rewards you can get here:  The Mediocre Fight Makes an Album


Apr 5 2011

Help Us Make an Album!

The Mediocre Fight


Hello friends/lovers/family/fans/strangers/hobos in libraries!  The Mediocre Fight is recording an album, and we need your help!  We’ve been writing in the studio for almost the past year, and it’s finally time for us to record an album.  We’ve got the songs written, but it takes a lot of time and money to make a professional album and we need your help.

We’ve set up a Kickstarter project to help fund our project.  It’s a little bit like a PBS pledge drive, in that the more you can help out the bigger the gifts we can give you in return.  Some of the fine rewards you can win for helping are signed copies of the CD, signed prints of your favorite Mediocre Fight of the Day, t-shirts, your own custom trading card with an illustration and biography, private concerts, your own theme song or jingle, and more!

We can’t do this with out you, and we’re incredibly thankful for everyone that can help out.  The more you can help now, the better the album will end up being in the end.  Even a dollar will get our undying gratitude! (although if you pay for the entire album one of us will probably marry you or your daughter).

Many thanks!

- Adam, Paul, Trevor, Jason