Apr 17 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Velour Tracksuits vs Anyone Other Than Rappers and Mobsters

The Mediocre Fight

In the interest of full disclosure – yes, at one point The Mediocre Fight was considering getting velour tracksuits because really, there’s nothing more mediocre than a bunch of white guys in velour tracksuits.  As far as I can tell, the only people that can really pull them off are rappers or guys that are in the mafia.  Or just really stereotypical Italian guys that hang out on the street in lawn chairs, a la It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Or women, apparently chicks can wear all the velour they want and it’s stylish and sexy.  Go figure.  Eventually we realized that A) sweatsuits are going to be really hot on stage, and B) we would then own velour tracksuits, so we abandoned the idea.

The best part of this though is when we were looking on Amazon for these (y’know, since we’re a bunch of white guys in an indie rock band so we don’t know where else to look), we really only found one place that sells them.  And it’s the same guy modeling every color.  And it looks like he’s just hanging out in a parking lot.  Here are some samples:




This one, though, is by far my favorite.  Not only for the picture, but for the name of the sweatsuit itself.  Yes, on Amazon the actual name of this one is “Classic Doodoo Brown.”



I’m almost tempted to buy that just for the name.



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