Apr 12 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: French Pilots vs Not Hitting Things

The Mediocre Fight

So last night at JFK an Air France BigAssJet “clipped” a commuter plane.  When I heard it described as the plane being “clipped” I was thinking it might have glanced it in passing, but no, this straight up spun the smaller jet around.  If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video below-



What I think is funny about this video is the CNN guy who was on the Air France jet described it as a small bump, like hitting a pot-hole.  I’m curious how the people on the tiny jet would describe what they felt.  Luckily nobody was actually injured from this.  I guess you can add “steering” to the list of things France isn’t good at (some of the others are winning wars, hygiene and being courteous).

Also while I’m thinking about it, what is the country version of racism?  Xenophobia would be if you hated EVERY country but yours, but I’m not sure what hating/stereotyping a single country would be.  Countryism?  Well whatever it is, the picture for today’s Mediocre Fight pretty much embodies it.



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