May 24 2011

‘Twas a good night


Well, even though the Bulls weren’t able to pull it out in overtime, it was still a good night tonight.  It was our first time back in rehearsal at Music Garage since we started recording our album, and boy did things both feel and sound good tonight.  Since we’ve been playing our parts pretty much constantly for the past two weeks, we breezed through our setlist for the show at Goose Island on Friday and had an extra half hour to mess around.  Here’s a drum solo from Jason to commemorate things:



Yeah.  He’s good.  And since I don’t think we’ve ever posted pictures from the rehearsal studio, here’s the rest of the gang.  I was taking the pictures, so if you want to see me slappin’ da bass you’ll have to come to the show this Friday.  Goose Island Wrigleyville.  Be there.

Jason on the Drums

Here's Jason, drummin' away. Or looking frightened.

Adam waving

Here's Adam, waving to me.

Adam and Trevor

Adam crooning while Trevor dials it in

The Mediocre Fight

And here's The Mediocre Fight, minus its most attractive and intelligent member.


May 18 2011

OMG, I have my own account now! [Update] [Updated Update]

The Mediocre Fight

So in between drinking, blogging and making fun of Adam, Jason and I decided to make our own accounts.  So, now instead of me posting everything under The Mediocre Fight and Adam taking credit for my brilliant writing and artistry, I can now post under my own name and have all hate mail directed right to me. Joy!

More brilliant posts to come, sure to become all the more brilliant the more Jason and I have to drink.




[Update] So, I also just realized that we don’t actually have any kind of indication of who is posting an article.  So, fail on my joy for having my own account.

[Updated Update]  So, after poking around for a few minutes Jason and I actually figured out the code we’d need to add the author to each post.  It was at this point that I also realized there was just an option built in to display the post author.  So I enabled it.  It was at THIS point that I also posted the “Hey I have my own account!” still as The Mediocre Fight.  Yeesh.  Blogging fail.  At least I’m done recording.

Feb 9 2011

Band Bios Part 1: Paul

The Mediocre Fight

Paul - The Bass PlayerIn the early 80’s, Paul was brought into the world in a small town in Iowa.  After seeing a circus performance at a young age he developed an unhealthy obsession with clowns, regularly wearing face paint and rainbow pants. His parents, fearing this unusual obsession might have resulted from his early upbringing in remote, rural Iowa, moved the family to the suburbs of Minnesota in search of a normal childhood for young Paul.  In Minnesota, Paul tried out for the 5th grade band as a euphonium player. His love for music grew, and his parents wholeheartedly supported this new hobby.  Paul flourished as a young adolescent, picking up guitar and bass and becoming star of his high school show choir.  Completely free of his former clown fetish (or so his parents thought), Paul graduated high school and moved to Chicago to study computer science at Northwestern.  These days, as a college grad, Paul is the bassist for Mediocre Fight, and works as a full-time computer programmer on the side.  The highlight of Paul’s young musical career was meeting fellow bassist Michael Cera while rehearsing with the Mediocre Fight.  Paul hopes to one day follow in Cera’s footsteps, but in reverse, first achieving status of bass player extraordinaire and later becoming a teenage movie star.  Judging by his recent performances, he is well on his way to both.