Oct 26 2011

The last song from our album is up!


Go listen to Passed Time now!  This is one of my favorite tracks, partly because it’s like 3 great songs in one, and partly because it was so much fun to record.  The last part of the song came from us being locked in a little recording booth with a bag full of percussion instruments.  At one point I got to play a chair as an instrument.  Good times, happy times.  Enjoy!



Oct 10 2011

Alright to Be Alright


Track #6 featuring an exorbitant number of percussion tracks and even more horns is up and ready for your enjoyment.

Edit: And now it’s back down.  Go enjoy our other songs!

Oct 4 2011

Our 5th song is available online now for a short time


“All Things Go” is now up for a limited time at our Bandcamp page, and can be streamed here.  Take a listen, share with your friends and let us know what you think!



Sep 29 2011

Listen to the single off our album.


UPDATE: This one’s down now too.  Next up is All Things Go, go listen to it!


This song features cavemen.  In space.  Copious amounts of cowbell.  Organ solos.  Castle Rock.  WHY ARE YOU NOT ALREADY LISTENING TO THIS MAJESTIC PIECE?!?


Sep 26 2011

Listen to the third song off our album!


UPDATE: Boom, gone, go listen to Spacecaveman.

“Kind Eyes” is now available for your listening pleasure, for a limited time.  This is one of my personal favorites, due in large part to the addition of Erik Kang from Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s on violon.

Give it a listen and tell us what you think!




Sep 22 2011

The second song is up!


UPDATE:  The second song is no longer available to listen.  Go listen to “Kind Eyes” instead!


The second song off our upcoming album “We Are Enablers” is up, and will be available to stream for a limited time.  Take a listen to “Bored and Young” and tell us what you think!

Sep 20 2011

Take a listen to the first song off our album!


UPDATE:  As promised this was only up for a limited time, go listen to the next track!


Now that we’ve finished mixing and mastering the album, we can start sharing some of the music we’ve been working on for the last several months with you.  We’ll be posting a new song every day, but it will only be up for a short time so listen to it quickly!

The first song we’re sharing is also the first song off the album. Listen to “The Circus” from our forthcoming album, “We Are Enablers.”