Dec 15 2011



As any of my friends know, I’m a huge nerd.  And as such, I listen to a videogame podcast every week – IGN’s Podcast Beyond.  They play a listener-contributed song each show, and this week we were featured!!!  So first of all, to any of the fine folk who have stumbled on our site from listening to the podcast – BEYOND!

It’s incredibly cool for us to be featured on a podcast, but also incredibly surreal to have the podcast talk about us.  It’s kind of like if I were watching a talk show and someone mentioned they had just listened to our music.  Here’s what one of the hosts, Ryan Clements, had to say:

“This is one of the examples of they send us in a song, and I listen to the song and I say to myself ‘I would go to one of their shows.  I would totally listen.  I would grab a beer, and fries, and listen to Spacecaveman, by The Mediocre Fight.”  That.  Is.  Awesome.

So to Ryan Clements, Greg Miller, and Colin Moriarty, THANK YOU, and BEYOND!


For any fellow nerds out there who AREN’T listening to this podcast, shame on you.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to all of IGN’s podcasts here:

And if you want to hear the podcast we were featured on, you can download it from iTunes or this link:

Even if you don’t play videogames it’s still a hilarious podcast and should go into your podcast rotation.


Also, as you know from last week’s Mediocre Fight, Julian is a huge nerd.  Here’s the text I got from him tonight: “Hahahaha I just listened, that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! They love you!  I also love how u plugged the blog, which currently features me as a nerd!  EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”


Again, in case you missed it, Julian is a nerd.  Also also, he’s met the Podcast Beyond crew.  Truf.











Sep 29 2011

Listen to the single off our album.


UPDATE: This one’s down now too.  Next up is All Things Go, go listen to it!


This song features cavemen.  In space.  Copious amounts of cowbell.  Organ solos.  Castle Rock.  WHY ARE YOU NOT ALREADY LISTENING TO THIS MAJESTIC PIECE?!?


May 16 2011

Spacecaveman Preview: Guitar Solo

The Mediocre Fight

Here’s another video from the studio for you all to check out.  Here’s a quick clip of Adam working on the guitar solo for our song “Spacecaveman,” which will probably end up being our most rockinest tune, I’m really excited to hear how it all comes together.

We’ll be posting some more updates later today- Trevor will start recording with a Hammond organ, which everyone in the studio is definitely looking forward to.