Feb 25 2011

Bonus Video Mediocre Fight!!!

The Mediocre Fight

Here’s a little bonus Mediocre Fight for you kids today.  It’s a little spider that somehow managed to make it into my monitor, desperately protecting his new territory from the insidious Mr Pointer.  After a little while I broke the one-on-one rules and just went ahead and killed the spider.  I am not a fan of spiders.  The worst time to see a spider?  In the shower.  Oh man I don’t know what it is but the thought of a spider dropping down on my head while I’m in the shower just freaks me out.  Spiders and groundhogs.  Not that I’m afraid of groundhogs dropping on my in the shower, though that would be pretty freaky too.  I’m just saying I don’t like groundhogs.  I had a little run-in with one when I was a kid.  How did I get on this tangent?  I promise you I’m quite manly.  Hell, I’ll go fight a bear right now.  Watch me.