Jun 19 2011

Finishing up recording!


So we decided to put some more vocal harmonies into a couple of the songs, and since Adam can’t sing as low as we wanted the parts I was brought in to add a little baritone to the songs.  You can tell that Adam is quite a bit shorter than I am, because I had to stand spread-eagle to actually get down to the mic.



Next up after my parts were the “gang” vocals, where we had Dan and Rob from Uptown Recording sing with us too.  They were totally awesome.  We finished up with some gang percussion too, with us playing 4 different tracks with a different percussion instrument each.  The next series of photos is from us picking out our instruments, the “gang” tracks, and then some other randomness from the night.  Enjoy.


We’re completely done with our vocal tracks now, and for the rest of the night Jason will be rocking it out on some auxiliary percussion.  Things are really coming together, and I’m really, really excite for how things are going to turn out!



May 26 2011

Back in the studio! We’re in the home stretch!


We’re kickin it in the studio again tonight, spending some more time tracking Adam’s guitars.  We’re layering more and more guitar sounds into the songs, and they’re really filling out and sounding awesome.  After we finish up with the guitars, it’s on to vocals and then finishing up with whatever other sounds we want to add in that we can’t play live.  We’ve got some friends coming into the studio with us next week to record some horn parts, and then a few weeks after that we’re doing something really exciting.  We’ll be heading over to Indiana to have Erik Kang from Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s record some violin parts for us!

Here’s what’s happenin tonight – Trevor getting some work done on the computer while Adam records the guitar parts.

Adam recording while Trevor works on his computer


On an unrelated note, I want to say that I’m astonished that literally a third of the hits to our website are still coming from people searching for Rebecca Black.  Really?  Apparently the post I made analyzing her lyrics is going to be the defining moment in my blogging career.  I should just quit now.


May 18 2011

Back in Action: Hump Day Edition

The Mediocre Fight

Hey kids, Paul here.  For whatever reason we’ve decided to schedule every day in the studio the same days the Bulls are playing, but whatever, I ain’t mad.

Anyways, seeing as how Jason and I are done recording our tracks, our job is now to have beers and blog.  Can’t really complain.  Adam is working on acoustic guitar tracks right now, and really bringing it home.  While the rest of us are in the other room making fun of him.  It works out nicely.  Here’s Adam recording, with a hat on so you can’t see his bald spot.



We also have Trevor coming in later tonight after his class, so hopefully we’ll get some video of him playing the Hammond Organ.  The recording studio just got a new amp for it, and it sounds BEAUTIFUL.  You wouldn’t know it though, since the only video we have of someone playing it right now is Adam.  Playing the Imperial March.  Which seems to be the only thing he knows how to play….



And yes, that’s our sound engineer Dan asking us, “Hey dudes, you wanna come smell this?”



May 16 2011

Spacecaveman Preview: Guitar Solo

The Mediocre Fight

Here’s another video from the studio for you all to check out.  Here’s a quick clip of Adam working on the guitar solo for our song “Spacecaveman,” which will probably end up being our most rockinest tune, I’m really excited to hear how it all comes together.

We’ll be posting some more updates later today- Trevor will start recording with a Hammond organ, which everyone in the studio is definitely looking forward to.