Mar 17 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Face Tattoos vs Careers

The Mediocre Fight

I would never tell this to Mike Tyson’s tattoo’ed face because he could crush me with his thumb, but you have to be a unique mixture of crazy and stupid to have a facial tattoo.  And in the corporate world, crazy and stupid don…. No scratch that, I feel like most of the people I’ve worked with in the corporate world have at LEAST been stupid, if not crazy as well.  I supposed the key is not to TATTOO THE FACT ON YOUR FACE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE HOW CRAZY AND STUPID YOU ARE.  It’s kind of like if you bought one of those white-trash “I’m With Stupid” shirts, that had an arrow pointing up, and you never took it off.  And then eventually it became part of your skin.  Okay maybe it’s not like that either, but it is pretty ridiculous.

Now I’ve always wanted to get tattoos (don’t worry Mom, I don’t have any… yet) but have never been able to decide what I want.  And why is that?  Because tattoos shouldn’t just purely be decoration.  I want mine to be meaningful enough for me to want to have it around for the next 200 years (yes, I’m going to live for a very long time.  Deal with it.)  You know what’s not meaningful?  Tribal tattoos, Asian lettering you can’t read, and fucking barbed wire.  If you have any of these tattoos, I will fight you.  Verbally.  Anonymously on the internet.  Actually I’m kind of a pacifist, I’ll probably just shake my head sadly, wondering at the future of the human race.



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