Mar 15 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Videogames vs Girlfriends

The Mediocre Fight

Today’s Mediocre Fight could have a few meanings to it.  One – guys who play videogames can’t get girlfriends.  While this may be true for the stereotypical gamer hanging out in his mom’s basement, pack of Surge cooling in his fridge while his Totino’s Pizza Rolls heat up in the microwave; today’s gamer can essentially be indistinguishable from normal socially adequate people.

No, today’s fight harkens to a much greater struggle (to be honest, I have no idea of harkens is grammatically acceptable there, but I’m sure one of my nerd-ass friends will correct me if necessary) – who gets my love and attention?  Sometimes a guy just needs a break, and videogames are much less apt to need coddling after a bad day (unless you bought that new game Coddle Sim 2011).  So yeah, maybe I’ve had a long day and when I say “Sorry babe, I gotta work late tonight” I actually mean “Sorry Babe, I gotta go immolate a dwarf.”  For those select few who are actually dating a girl who enjoys videogames as much as you do – never let her go.  Chain her in your basement if you have to. Apparently this is also another in a long series of posts entitled “How To Endear Yourself to Women-folk.”

Two side notes: 1) yes, this is almost exactly what my last girlfriend looked like, and B) I could really go for some Surge and pizza rolls right now.



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