Feb 7 2012

Local Anesthetic


Howdy folks,

I know most of you were probably busy on Sunday evening watching some big event on the television where muscular men tossed around leathery, over-inflated thing–but enough about the Madonna half-time show. ZING!

Sunday night, while you were stuffing your face with wings and beer, our tune The Circus was featured on WXRT’s Local Anesthetic. You can check out the whole episode on at WXRT’s website. We’re on at about the 10 minute mark.

Our first airplay, and hopefully won’t be our last!

Sep 20 2011

Take a listen to the first song off our album!


UPDATE:  As promised this was only up for a limited time, go listen to the next track!


Now that we’ve finished mixing and mastering the album, we can start sharing some of the music we’ve been working on for the last several months with you.  We’ll be posting a new song every day, but it will only be up for a short time so listen to it quickly!

The first song we’re sharing is also the first song off the album. Listen to “The Circus” from our forthcoming album, “We Are Enablers.”