Mar 14 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Pi Day vs Steak & BJ Day

The Mediocre Fight

Today is March 14, which probably means one of two things to you.  If you’re a nerd, it’s Pi Day.  Yes, it’s a day celebrating a mathematical concept (3.14).  Buncha nerds.  Otherwise, it’s known as “Make up for the shit I had to do on Valentine’s Day,” aka Steak & BJ Day.  Good luck trying to get away with being mad at your girlfriend for forgetting this day, though.  For some reason it still doesn’t quite carry the same weight as V-Day.

Alright, I’ve just been staring at pictures of pie and steak for the last 20 minutes so I need to go eat something delicious now.

Also, in case you were curious, at 1:59 today I ate a piece of pie.  I make drawings on the computer, did you think I wouldn’t be a nerd?


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