Apr 4 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: Vegas vs My Wallet

The Mediocre Fight

So this post will also help to explain the erratic posting over the last few days, as this could also more accurately be a “Mediocre Fight of the Weekend.”  I (Paul) just went to Vegas, and who’d have guess it’s kind of expensive.  With ridiculous covers at clubs, $7 bud lights, even more expensive Gin & Tonics, and hanging out with friends until 6am I came back with even less money than I left with.  Luckily we got some cheap-ass flights and a cheap-ass hotel.  We were unfortunately not balling out of control in a suite with tigers and babies.

I actually had several Mediocre Fights prepared in advance for this weekend, but for SOME reason I didn’t get around to posting them…. Weird, right?  Anyways to make up for it I’ll be posting a few mediocre fights in a row tonight, so hopefully you kids won’t be too upset with us for the delay.


PS – For everyone who DIDN’T notice we didn’t post anything this weekend… Haha, too late!  I just update the post dates so it looks like we were consistent.  Technology!  Although I probably shouldn’t have just told you that…  Meh.



As always, if YOU have a mediocre fight you’d like to see contact us any way your little heart desires.  Leave a comment here, tweet us @MediocreFight, find us on Facebook, shoot us an e-mail at The Mediocre Fight, or somehow convince me it’s a good idea to just hand over all my money to you.